Star Trek vs. Star Wars: A Collaborative Sci-Fi Throwdown!


It’s a question that has been asked by countless fans across the sci-fi universe: Who would win in a Star Wars vs. Star Trek battle?  Star Wars has the Death Star, Darth Vader, The Force, The Rebellion, and Jar-Jar Binks.  Star Trek has the Borg, Kahn, The Federation, and Wesley Crusher.  Fans on each side think they have the side that would mop the floor with the other side.

For this post, I am collaborating with Star Wars aficionado and good friend, Chris Hayth.  Chris’s knowledge and love of all things Star Wars is very much like my knowledge and love of all things Trek.  He is someone that would very easily attend a Star Trek movie premiere dressed as Darth Vader, while I would very easily don my Captain Kirk tunic to watch a Star Wars production.

Recently, Chris and I took turns selecting four vessels, he choosing from the Star Wars universe and I choosing from the Star Trek universe, and matching them in four one-on-one battles.  We discuss the ships we choose, their capabilities, and why we feel they would win a battle.  Once the ships and battles are chosen we then ask you, the reader, to tell us what you think and who would win each battle.

So who do YOU think?  Which Star Wars/Star Trek vessel wins each battle?

On to the main event!!

Battle 1: 

Chris: I’m starting out with a big dog.  The Imperial Star Destroyer.  It boasts a complement of over 70 turbolasers of various sizes to fight against enemy ships, large and small.  It has a complement of over 70 fighter and bomber escorts to mop up any stragglers.  For land assaults, they carry AT-AT walkers, AT-ST walkers, and several thousand land assault troops.  It also has powerful tractor beams that can lock on to ships of various sizes, including consular vessels, and massive shielding that most weapons have difficulty draining. In short, its a carrier, a battleship, a transport ship.  Its a jack of all trades and it masters them all. Oh, and let’s not forget those ion cannons.  One shot from those renders any ship powerless.

Imperial Star Destroyer

Nathan: To combat the Imperial Star Destroyer, I’m calling in the Borg Cube.  It’s three kilometers in length (making it three times larger than the Destroyer), and can bring the pain in a variety of ways.  It boasts shield draining missiles that can disable a ship’s shields in a matter of a few shots and even a polaron beam that can provide all the specs of an enemy ship in a matter of seconds.  Multiple powerful tractor beams can hold an enemy ship in place as a cutting beam slices it to pieces, or any one of a hundred high-yield gravimetric torpedoes can be fired for complete obliteration. However, it is more likely once a Borg Cube drains the shields, they would begin beaming over a majority of their 179,000 drones to begin assimilation. An enemy vessel such as the Star Destroyer might cause quite a bit of damage to the Cube at first, but once the Cube adapts to the weapons technology, enemy weapons are completely useless.  A Cube can even operate when 73% of it has been damaged.  Finally, the Borg have no central bridge or command area, so finding a clear target on the Cube is impossible (unless you are a reformed drone like Captain Picard).

Borg Cube

Battle 2:

Nathan: For this battle, I am choosing the Reman Warbird, Scimitar, of the Romulan Star Empire.  The Scimitar is the perfect killing machine.  It has 52 pulse disruptor cannons, 27 photon torpedo launchers, primary AND secondary shields, and can travel up to Warp 9.7.  It has the maneuvering ability of a ship a fraction of its size.  Also, you can’t hit what you can’t see.  The cloaking device is, as Lt. Geordi LaForge of the Enterprise once called it, “perfect.”  You won’t know the Scimitar is there until you see torpedoes raining down on you.  And even then you won’t be able to see it, as it can also fire its weapons while cloaked.  The Scimitar is so bad-ass, that I would even pick it to go up against the Death Star.  Why?  Two words: Thalaron Generator. The ship itself turns into a massive thalaron particle weapon so powerful that, when fired, can kill every living thing on an entire planet. That combined with its cloaking device makes it nearly impossible for any ship of any size to go up against.

Reman Warbird, Scimitar

Chris:  To counter the Scimitar, I’m not bringing in a big gun. The Scimitar is primed for a fight against a massive ship or even the Death Star.  No, I’m thinking outside the box here. I’m bringing in a solitary fighter. The TIE Advanced X1. The TIE Advanced X1 is equipped with advanced engines, life support, heavy armor and shielding, missiles, and an advanced hyperdrive. While the formidable TIE is a ominous weapon by itself, it probably isn’t a match for the Scimitar. That’s why I’m bringing in a special one.  I’m bringing in specifically the X1 that is flown by the dark Lord himself, Vader. Even if completely cloaked, Vader would use the force to find the Scimitar and exploit any weaknesses. Even if his ship couldn’t destroy it, which is likely, he could use his powers to somehow make it on board and if you don’t know what he can do to a ship’s crew, watch the last five minutes of Rogue One!

Tie Advanced X-1

Battle 3:

Chris: The next ship I submit is Slave 1. Piloted by perhaps the most resourceful bounty hunter in the galaxy, Slave 1 is not only fast, it’s crazy fast and hard to target. It has an impressive array of twin turrets and ion blasters as well as defensive seismic charges. Slave 1 would not fare well against a ship in a punching match but it’s the ultimate ship to take out bigger ships with guerrilla tactics. In short, it’ll take anything out with the death by a thousand cuts in the hands of a proper patient pilot, and nobody is more patient than Boba Fett.

Slave 1

Nathan:  Slave 1. I dig it.  Respect the Fett!  To counter Slave 1, I will send out an even smaller vessel, but one that will get the job done: Nomad.  Nomad was an Earth probe launched in 2002 and merged with an alien probe in deep space named Tan Ru.  From them on, Nomad labeled all organic life as imperfect and set out to eradicate entire worlds.  In a matter of only a few minutes, it wiped out four billion people and sterilized an entire star system.  Nomad’s energy beam has the strength of 90 photon torpedoes and its energy bolts could track a moving target up to maximum warp.  While its offensive weapons are impressive, its defensive capabilities give it the edge against any vessel.  Nomad has defensive screens that absorb energy from enemy weapons and can block all sensor signals.  Nomad is tiny, only about five feet tall and 18 inches in diameter, so trying to hit it without targeting capabilities is nearly impossible.  You can’t see it, you can’t detect it, you can’t shoot it, and you certainly can’t run from it.


Battle 4 (Final):

Nathan: For my final vessel, I am bringing in the only ship the Federation ever made whose sole purpose was to be a weapon of war, the U.S.S. Defiant. The Defiant can hit speeds up to warp 9.5 and its sleek design makes it incredibly maneuverable.  The weapons system includes four phaser cannons, three phaser emitters, four forward torpedo launchers,and two aft torpedo launchers (both of which can fire either photon or quantum torpedoes).  In short, it doesn’t matter where an enemy ship is flying around, the Defiant’s weapons can hit you from any angle.  The phaser cannons were so strong during initial testing, that it nearly shook the hull apart when they fired. Its shield generators cancel out energy dampening weapons, so ion cannons would be useless against it.  It also has a Romulan cloaking device that gives it more of an advantage in close combat.  Whether facing a vessel the size of a Borg Cube, or a one-man fighter, the Defiant has one mission in life: destroy.

U.S.S. Defiant

Chris: While the Defiant is certainly a force to be reckoned with, it isn’t invulnerable. Ask the Breen! While technically a space station, it is more than capable of light speed travel and movement. It’s no small moon, it’s DS1 aka the Death Star! It’s boasts over 750 tractor beams, 15k turbolasers, 2500 laser cannons, 2500 ion cannons, and, of course, the super laser capable of destroying an entire planet.  Any necessity to use them will most likely never come to fruition as the Death Star has a compliment of over 7200 TIE Fighters. Even ceding the Defiant could destroy a thousand of them, there’s plenty to finish the job.   The Death Star would destroy the Defiant and anything else thrown at it and move onto Earth but recent press releases indicate the US has the best death star ever (jobs?) and the fact that the Death Star destroyed Alderaan is fake news. Time will tell.

The Death Star

So there you have!  Star Wars vs. Star Trek in four one-on-one battles.  Who do you think wins each battle?  Leave a comment below or let us know on Facebook!




One thought on “Star Trek vs. Star Wars: A Collaborative Sci-Fi Throwdown!

  1. Battle 1: Borg Cube. The Star Destroyer might hold out for an inning or two, but the Cube is like Randy Johnson, Nolan Ryan, Sandy Koufax, and Rick Sutcliffe combined. In other words: SIT DOWN, Destroyer!
    Trek: 1 Wars: 0
    Battle 2: Scimitar. Based only on the ships themselves (read: no Dark Side/Vader manipulation) the TIE Adv. X1 has no chance in space hell to win this battle.
    Trek: 2 Wars: 0
    Battle 3: Slave 1. Even though it looks like a sad penis, you’d have to be completely mental to bet against the Fett. Nobody bets against the Fett. NOBODY!
    Trek: 2 Wars: 1
    Battle 4: Death Star. Even with its one tiny design flaw, the Death Star wins this battle… but I’m guessing at a very high cost. The Defiant would most likely make the DS look uglier than Rocky Dennis from “Mask,” but I honestly believe it falls just ever-so short in this particular scenario.
    Trek: 2 Wars: 2

    Well fought, gentlemen! Sorry I ended it in a draw, but perhaps this isn’t the last Trek/Wars battle…

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